Human Connection


We Are In The Business Of Creating Compassionate Workplaces

Why Compassion?

People spend the majority of their waking hours in the workplace, and yet, only 30% of the workforce is actively engaged while at their job. Every employee must communicate, collaborate, and engage with their co-workers in order to effectively fulfill their role within the company. Most employees, however, are not trained or empowered in human connection, which is the basis for all other successful business interactions.

Kulture Of Kindness Empowers Businesses


We do this effectively through a combination of training, technology and coaching.

Compassion training includes workshops and #Hackathons, which are offered online and in-person. All skills acquired through our specially designed compassion training and #Hackathons are supported through our beautiful mobile and web app. The net results are workplaces that are happy, innovative, talent-retentive, engaged, and most of all - productive.

A study of more than 15,000 leaders in 18 countries released earlier this year. The 10 top performing businesses from among the 160 included in The Empathy Business’s “Global Empathy Index” generated 50% more net income per employee than the bottom 10 performers.
— time.com/money

Create a workplace where people are connected, cared for, and valued, and your business will thrive.

What is compassion?

Compassion is the ability to notice someone's challenge and respond with an intent to alleviate it, whenever possible. Compassion creates psychological safety. deepens human connections and brings out the best in people,  The workplace provides a perfect place to practice compassion, because challenges are abundant, and the opportunities to alleviate them are even more abundant.


Kulture of Kindness 
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