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We Are In The Business Of Creating A Compassionate Future

Why Compassion in Schools?

Teachers have a difficult challenge. They have the responsibility to model compassion irrespective of their work challenges. 57% of teachers report that they are “not engaged” at work, with an additional 13% reporting that they are “actively disengaged." 

Kulture Of Kindness Empowers Teachers through compassion


We do this by providing the Tools, Skills and Support through a combination of training and technology.

Compassion training includes workshops and #Hackathons, which are offered online and in-person. All skills acquired through our specially designed compassion training and #Hackathons are supported through our beautiful mobile and web app. The net results are schools that are happy, innovative, talent-retentive, engaged, and most of all - compassionate.

Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL’s) survey of members’ wellbeing finds that 73% of those surveyed stated that their job was having a negative impact on their wellbeing, with 64% feeling that their professional ability and confidence was being damaged.

Create a work environment  Where teachers feel connected, cared for, and valued, and your students will thrive.

What is compassion?

Compassion is the ability to notice someone's challenge and respond with an intent to alleviate it, whenever possible. Compassion creates psychological safety. deepens human connections and brings out the best in people,  Schools provide a perfect setting to train compassion, because challenges are abundant, and the opportunities to alleviate them are even more abundant.


Kulture of Kindness 
is empowering a revolution of global good
one Teacher at a time