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Kulture of Kindness

     Harnessing human potential through compassion


Compassionate Workplaces


People spend the majority of their awake hours in the workplace. Yet, only 30% of the workforce is actively engaged at work. At some level, every worker has to communicate, collaborate and engage with their co-workers to effectively function in their roles. However, most employees are not trained or empowered in human connection, which is the basis for all other successful business interactions.

The vision of Kulture of Kindness is to empower work places where people are connected, valued and cared for- in other words we are in the business of creating compassionate workplaces. We do this by an effective combination of training and technology. Compassion training includes workshops and hackathons, which are offered online and in-person. Our technology involves a beautiful app that sustains the skills acquired through compassion training. The net result are workplaces that are happy, innovative, talent-retentive, productive and engaged.




Compassion is a misunderstood word. It does not have religious connotations. It is not restricted to people following a particular lifestyle. It simply means the ability to notice someone's challenge and respond with an intent to alleviate it, whenever possible. The workplace is a perfect opportunity to practice compassion, because challenges are abundant, and the opportunities to alleviate them are even more abundant.

By addressing individual and business outcomes, Kulture of Kindness is a call for global good, one organization at a time.


10-Weeks of Compassion



So your organization has decided to create a work culture of caring and connection. The first step is to provide the skills and tools your employees need to become ambassadors of that culture shift. This 10-week training is the perfect starting point. 

Teams of no more than 30 people per group meet (in-person or online) for 1. 5 hour sessions every week to co-create compassion for their organizations and themselves.

THE process

The 10-weeks of training loosely follows the ancient Buddhist practice of 'metta'- which is friendship for self and the world (again, no religious connotations). Incorporated into the sessions are the 9-pillars of workplace compassion that we created with the best minds in the field of compassion research. The sessions follow a validated, logical sequence that is deeply interactive and transformative.




Every session starts with a  short metta meditation, followed by reflection on previous week's assignments, creating frameworks, followed by interactive solution building. Assignments are practical and action centered, and every participant works with an accountability partner in the group. The weekly videos and readings provide participants the support to navigate change. The process is simple, fun and the impact of the training will carry over far beyond the workplace.


Introduction to Workplace Compassion and the 9-Pillars of Workplace Compassion


Understanding compassion, empathy and sympathy. Noticing and responding to suffering at work.

Assignment: Noticing challenges at workplace. Reflections on the 9-Pillars of Workplace compassion
Video and Reading materials. Heart, Mind and Action.


Compassion in my organization


Identifying your organization's challenges. Creating a new framework for workplace connections.

Assignment:  Identify three people who most influence our experience of work. Evaluating our interactions with them.
Video and Reading materials. Heart, Mind and Action.


Strengthening positive connections in the workplace.


Practical compassion for people we work well with. 

Assignment: Practicing gratitude. Celebrating connection.
Video and Reading materials. Heart, Mind and Action.



Creating new positive connections in the workplace.


Practical compassion for people at work who we do not interact with regularly.

Assignment: Reaching out to new people and creating meaningful connections.
Video and Reading materials. Heart, Mind and Action.


Compassion for self at work and home


Practicing compassion at work and home. Creating resolutions and targeting gremlins.

Assignment:   Treating self kindly.  Replace negative internal messaging with the positive.
Video and Reading materials. Heart, Mind and Action.


Mending strained connections in the workplace- 1


Practical compassion for colleagues we have challenges with. Embracing  oneness and accepting abundance.

Assignment: Practicing internal forgiveness. Reaching out to our  challengers. 
Video and Reading materials. Heart, Mind and Action.



Mending strained connections in the workplace- 2


Practical compassion for people we have challenges with. Becoming fearlessly vulnerable.

Assignment: Offering forgiveness, creating resolutions.
Video and Reading materials. Heart, Mind and Action.


Organizations as compassion machines.


Thinking big picture. Creating abundance

Assignment: Field outreach. Identifying and addressing a social cause.
Video and Reading materials. Heart, Mind and Action.


Brainstorming for compassion. 


Discussing real life challenges, tying loose ends.

Assignment:   Create an innovative solution for a compassionate workplace.
Video and Reading materials. Heart, Mind and Action.



Carrying over the compassion attitude to life outside work.


Being the change. Becoming compassion ambassadors. Sustaining compassion.

Assignment: Spreading the message of compassion at your workplace.
Video and Reading materials. Heart, Mind and Action.

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