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Dr. Immanual Joseph


Immanual is a former cancer scientist, a certified life coach and published author. Immanual created Kulture of Kindness with a vision of creating a kinder, happier world, starting with schools and workplaces. He also created Compassionleaders.com, a service that brings Kulture of Kindness' goals and vision to organizations and organizational leadership.

Savitha Sundar


Savitha is an accomplished Occupational Therapist. She brings a little light to the many kids and adults with disabilities whose life she strives to improve everyday. She believes that kindness in action is the one true religion that the world needs for its healing



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Kulture Of Kindness 
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The People behind Kulture of Kindness

Dr. James Doty


Dr. Doty is the founder of Stanford University's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education of which His Holiness the Dalai Llama is the founding member. Dr. Doty is also an inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has endowed chairs at major universities including Stanford University and his alma mater, Tulane University. His book, 'Into the Magic Shop', has won rave reviews and is a New York Times Bestseller.

Aloysius Joseph

Technology Advisor/Enabler

Aloysius is an Engineer with a passion for technology. He has more than two decades of experience in leading software, financial and government organizations. Aloysius strongly believes that with the right opportunity and the proper environment, the inherent goodness of individuals comes out.

Gerry Ignatius

Business Advisor/Enabler

Gerry is an entrepreneur with over three decades of experience managing and creating successful businesses. His business interests are varied that include technology startups and real estate. Gerry brings organizational support and structure to the teams that are working to create Kulture of Kindness.

Robert Cusick


Robert is a certified CCT teacher. As a long time meditator and former monk, Robert ordained in Burma under the renowned meditation master, Venerable Pa Auk Sayadaw. He additionally trained under Frank Ostaseski at the Zen Hospice Project ‘Guesthouse’ in San Francisco. He co-leads grief groups at KARA in Palo Alto, is a faculty at the SFO Zen center and a Board Director at Sati Center for Buddhist studies.

Renae Saltz


Ms. Saltz is an entrepreneur and technologist; her career spans over 18 years. Having owned and operated three companies, she prides herself in understanding the latest trends in IoT, Mobile, and eCommerce. Ms. Saltz holds a business degree and continues to advance her knowledge through programs at Stanford. She is an Advisor on the SF Pitchforce panel and GWS, and is a talented leader with strong intuition that she uses when making investments decisions.